Linux Mint 20 LIVE XFCE Install


16,500 RWF


What is Linux Mint? The purpose of Linux Mint is to produce a modern, elegant and comfortable operating system which is both powerful and easy to use. Linux Mint is the most popular desktop Linux operating system.

Requirements: Ability to boot 64-Bit system. Works for any computer brand, Mac or PC, laptop or desktop.

This Bundle Includes:

16Gb USB capable of installing or running Linux Mint live on PC and Mac

Bonus DVD disc with videos, guides, and bonus software

What made Linux Mint So Popular?

-It works out of the box and is extremely easy to use.

-It’s community-driven. Users are encouraged to send feedback to improve Linux Mint.

-Based on Debian and Ubuntu, it provides about 30,000 packages and one of the best software managers.

-It’s safe and reliable thanks to a conservative approach to software updates

-Linux Mint requires very little maintenance (no regressions, no antivirus, no anti-spyware etc.)

Here I can Advantages of using Linux Mint in Your computer:

  1. You can not found Virus on Linux, If you choose Linux Operating System you will never been disappointed with corrupted OS. you will never buy an expensive antivirus.
  2. Fast and easy update OS with few Mb about 200Mb compered to Windows 10 which need about 13 GB for every update.
  3. Never auto update, Linux Mint update when you allow it. Linux shows available updates then you update when you wish to do it.
  4. Full license Operating system with more option and customization as you wish with many themes.
  5. With Google Chrome browser updates
  6. Linux Mint is economical OS specially when your job depend on internet because it has security , no viruses, no parasites like in windows OS this will enable you to use very minimum data when you are browsing on internet. This is ideal for people use mobile connection on Desktop like Mtn, Aitel, Mango,…
  7. This Operating System gives you peace of mind and how technology is more reliable.
  8. Easy to Download any software you wish in software Manager
  9. Linux Mint Screen Shoots      

if You want any support on Linux Mint,

Tel: 0785817669


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